Restaurant App Development

Now Your customers Can Order From Your Restaurant's App

We like to look at restaurant apps like text message marketing, but also as an easier way for your customers to place an order. Your restaurant’s app will be downloadable in the Apple app store as well as Google Play. We add an “order tab” so customers can make an order directly in the app. Do you have a special offer you want to communicate to your regular patrons? Leave it up to us! We send push notifications right to their phone. The result? More customers ordering more frequently because of the accessibility of having your app on their phones. 

restaurant app development infographic

How Does It Work?

Knowing the reasons behind your restaurant’s app goals is important to us, so we set up a call meeting to make sure we achieve all of your restaurant app objectives. 

We present you your app and discuss any possible alteration requests, if there are any. 

Your restaurant’s app is live! If you have any special offers, we can send up to 4 push notifications a month to your customer’s phone for you. 

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