Food Styling

A Well Styled Food Presentation Can Increase Your Sales

Food presentation is just as important as the quality of ingredients you use to make your food. The reason behind this is, as you know, that customers eat with their eyes. At Golden Web Media, we spend hours, and sometimes days, to perfect your menu items’ presentation preparation so the styling of your food can be consistent and ideal. The results? Highly impressed customers taking more photos of your menu items and posting them on social media, bringing more customers through your doors.

food styling infographic

How Does It Work?

We hop on a call meeting with you to get a better idea of the different types of food styling you prefer, along with gaining a more concrete understanding of your desired style. 

We schedule a photo shoot at your restaurant based on your availability and what is convenient for you.

A printed booklet will be sent to you, including a photo with detailed instructions for each menu item so you can stay consistent. 

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