Digital Advertising

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

At Golden Web Media, we don’t just boost posts and waste your ad spend. We create all advertising approaches from scratch based on your restaurant’s goals. Tailored ads aren’t the only thing we do either. We test and create in-depth targeting to attract customers who are more likely to respond and take action. The result? More customers coming to you with less money in ad spend.  

Google Ads

If you want quick sales, advertising on Google is your best bet. When customers search “best restaurants near me” or “Italian restaurants in my area” with Google Ads, you will appear first. The result? You will eclipse your competition with more customers making reservations, increased inquiries and website traffic, a jump in delivery orders, and simply more customers walking through your doors.  

google ads infographic
text message marketing infographic

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is what’s in more than ever. Whether you currently have a text message marketing system or not, we can do it better, because we also send out an accompanying image along with your text to whet your customers’ appetites. The results? More customers choosing to not opt out of your text messages, which ultimately means more business for you since you’re staying on their minds. 

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