Customer Feedback Texting

Interact With Your customers After They order

We understand the problems that come up when running a restaurant, and nothing is more frustrating than getting a negative review. Whether there was a misunderstanding or a customer is simply not satisfied, it’s important for customers to communicate their frustration to you before it turns into a negative review. Our customer feedback texting reaches out to all customers to get their positive and negative feedback so you can address it before they go to all of the main review platforms. This gives you the opportunity to fix negative situations as well as encourage customers with positive experiences to leave you a positive review.  

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How Does It Work?

Fifteen minutes after your customers receive their orders, your customers will receive a text message to ask them them how their experience went. 

If your customers respond with positive feedback, a text message automatically replies to them asking them to leave a positive review on all of your top social media platforms. If your customers respond with negative feedback, it sends us a text message, giving us the opportunity to fix the problem.  

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