Content Creation

Creative Content Tailored to Your Brand's Voice

Whether you are an upbeat, energetic ice cream shop or a five-star dining establishment, we create content that matches your unique brand voice. With that being said, not only do we create content around your standard photo and video posts—we cater to major holidays and events as well, so we can get your audience engaging in the comments section. Need content for your website? Great! We will create content for your website that not only fits your brand voice but also keeps your viewers on your site longer. The result? Increased brand reputation, which leads to more followers on your social media and longer browsing on your website, leading to an increase in SEO Rankings.  

content creation infographic

How Does It Work?

Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or your main site, we make sure all platforms have the right information and are all up to date. The last thing we want is to increase traffic to any platform with incorrect business information, like the wrong hours or an old phone number. 

Here at Golden Web Media, we try to prevent as many mistakes as possible by keeping you in the loop of our work. If there is a menu item we accidentally misspelled, you can leave a comment on that particular post so your assigned content writer can fix it.

Let’s face it, a lot of social media and website content is boring, so why not let us create some fun, creative content for you?

Knowing how your content is performing is extremely important for increasing your web traffic and social media reach. We analyze all past content to improve with more high-performance content. This way we can duplicate elements of our successes to outperform old content creation.

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