How To Make Your Restaurant Profitable 

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or have an existing restaurant and want to increase your profit margin, this article is for you. Understanding the details of your profit and loss statement is vital to your success. It can help you become more profitable if you are not and become more profitable if you already

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How To Pick Your Restaurant Location

In my previous blogs, I mention how important it is to have a great restaurant concept. In all honestly, though, if you set up shop in a bad location, it will still never work. Finding a good restaurant location is a vital piece to the puzzle of having a successful restaurant.  Where I live, there

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Keys To A Successful Restaurant Before You Open Your Doors Series 2

Series 2: Your Restaurant’s Target Audience Oftentimes, when prospective restaurant owners set out to buy a restaurant, they overlook their own target audience. This is unfortunate because a restaurant’s target audience is one of the most important elements of success or failure. It may actually be the most important aspect of a restaurant’s success. Just

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Keys To A Successful Restaurant Before You Open Your Doors Series 1

Your Business Concept For A Successful Restaurant When I consult with restaurant owners, oftentimes, the failing restaurants are the ones that didn’t invest in planning as much as they should have prior to opening their doors. Because of this, I’m creating this series to inform and help potential and current owners create successful restaurant concepts.

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Food Influencers: The Truth About Them

Let me start by saying that this article isn’t an attack on all food influencers because not all encounters with food influencers are a waste of your money. There are some good ones out there, with a special emphasis on “some,” and it’s tough to know who the good ones are, even as a marketing

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important for Restaurants? Social Media Marketing for restaurants is important because it’s your best tool for two-way communication between you and your customers. For the first time in history, restaurants can communicate with their customers on a larger scale, and customers can communicate back consistently. As you know, communication is

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