Our Story

Rachel’s is an upscale establishment passionately bringing both the authentic flavors and familial warmth of Northern Italy to the Upper East Side community. We offer a festive, yet classically elegant Italian dining experience for all. Our Tuscan-reminiscent space purposefully hosts several rooms to cater to private parties, families, large groups, single diners, or couples seeking slightly more privacy.

"Best Restaurant Ever!" Mina.

Executive Chef & Owner Rachel

Rachel always knew she wanted to be a chef ever since she was a little girl playing under the kitchen table while her grandmother was cooking. Sometimes when her grandmother was making her famous tortellini, only Rachel was allowed to help fill them. Now, a few decades and a few positions at top Michelin-Star restaurants later, she opened her own restaurant, Rachel’s! Outside of opening hours, she likes to do yoga as well as volunteer at her local food bank. 

"My family and I have been coming here for years! The owner Is so nice" Elizabeth.

Our Team

Head Kitchen Staff Victor & Angelina

Victor and Angelina love styling dishes. Victors favorite hobby is snowboarding while Angelinas favorite hobby is mountain biking.

Head Hostess Julianna

Julianna loves to entertain guests. Her Favorite Hobbies are drawing and playing the violin.

Head Waitress Elizabeth

Elizabeth loves to meet new people. Her Favorite Hobbies are hiking and trying new wines.

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